Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jason is three!

Wow, Jason is three! It’s so hard for me to believe! I remember his birth and his newborn days so vividly, but he really is such a big kid now. He plays with Leo and Olivia so well—building huge Duplo creations, hide and seek, horses and lions on the third floor. He often goes outside to play with them while I am following a few minutes behind or watching from the kitchen. He does battles and ninja training outside, rides a scooter and a tricycle a little and the EZroller a lot. He loves pink milk and macaroni and cheese. He dances and laughs and tells jokes with such joy! Jason has a great vocabulary and only struggles with some sounds—j, sh, v, l, and th. Jason has a great memory and often says, “‘Member when...”

Jason opened presents early in true Kraft fashion. Thank you to our family for showering him with love and gifts!!

For his birthday, Jason wanted to visit a fire station, so we did! He wore his new fire fighter outfit, but was a little shy when it came time to get into the fire trucks. He had fun seeing the whole station, though, and getting to see four fire vehicles!

Then we went to his favorite restaurant for lunch: Chic-fil-a!

We played in the afternoon sun and Nicholas replaced the battery on the red car Grandpa Bill and Tamara gave him years ago. Jason LOVES that thing, and did donuts in the street!

Then we had dinner and cake and watched Cars 3! It was a sweet day for our wild child! 

Next week he will have a small party at school and a play date with two of his friends.

And, finally, the birthday quiz for the first time for Jason!!
1. How old are you? Three
2. What makes you happy? Fire trucks and monster trucks
3. What is your favorite animal? Lion
4. What is your favorite thing to eat? Waffles 
5. What is your least favorite thing to eat? Green beans
6. What is your favorite thing to do? Play
7. What is your favorite TV show? Nexo Knights
8. What are you really good at? Hide and Seek 
9. What is your favorite movie? Cars 2
10. What is your favorite color? Blue
11. What is your favorite song? Yellow Submarine 
12. Who is your best friend? Leo
13. What do you and your Mom do together? Play in the playroom
14. What do you and your Dad do together? Read Max and Ruby stories
15. What is your favorite sport? Spinning
16. Where is your favorite place to go? Grocery store
17. What is your favorite book? Backyardigans
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? A fire

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  1. First of all, yay Jason! I can't believe he was able to answer all the questions. Isaac can't focus on a string of questions at all.
    Go firetrucks!