Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We traveled for Thanksgiving this year! We left Tuesday around 11 since the kids had school... There was some traffic and some reading of Vogue and some concern about driving in the dark...

But we made it to Bill and Tamara’s without incident. They were great to let us explode into their house, and they had an abundance of gifts for us to take back for Christmas after our trip.

We played with Jane and Bug on Wednesday morning...

Then the kids and I headed to Elizabeth while Nicholas stayed to visit more with his mom. At the farm we baked and ate and played... Heidi, Alex, and their kids were in at the same time, so it was great to see everyone!

I loved that Luke and Leo played so well together that Luke wanted to sleep in the same room as us. And just so I remember in ten years, Luke calls me “New Mom!” Ha!

Thursday was a lovely Thanksgiving day! The kids played outside and all the adults helped cook so it wasn’t too much on anyone. My cousin Laura even came out, so it was an even nicer visit.

And the next day Olivia interviewed Grandma Clara for her homework about what it was like growing up when Grandma Clara was young. It was sweet!

I got a few pictures from my “good” camera, too, that I plan to put here.

Then we spent the rest of Friday with Jane, crashed at Bill and Tamara’s, and set off for NC and home on Saturday! We had a great trip with lots of good visiting!

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