Monday, September 25, 2017

Track out!! (Leo's first!)

Jason was in school one week and then Leo and Olivia tracked out. So much for a routine! My plan was for Leo and Olivia to do "home school" on the mornings Jason goes to school so I could work, and we would do fun things the other days. My plan sort of worked! Ha! Here are our track out activities so far:

Friday, September 8: A surprise picnic lunch in Kindergarten to celebrate the last day of the quarter and the book the kids read called, "The Day the Relatives Came." 

Wallaby walk and fun run--I got no pictures, but this is a cute little activity sponsored by the elementary school's PTA and the gym teacher there. It's just a walk around the neighborhood where we get to see our kids interacting with their friends and teachers. Leo was adorable walking with a little girl from his class and another friend!

Saturday: Nicholas built shelves for Olivia's room and the kids were happy to help! And have some playground and inside play time!

Sunday: Nicholas and Olivia went kayaking for YGuides, and the boys and I went to Crowder park.

Monday: The piano tuner came! He's so cool!

We also bought the tank for a fish...

Tuesday: Home school! And Middle Creek Park.

Wednesday: Pullen park

And, we got a beta fish!! It's Olivia's and she is thrilled! Welcome to our family, Treasure!

Thursday: We packed snacks for snack pantry at school, did a little home school, then had a play date with Leo's friend from school whose big sister is friends with Olivia. Jason tagged along!

Plus, we have piano and violin lessons on Thursdays. I was exhausted by the end of the day!

Friday: Life and Science museum 

And then later, we had a play date at Ritter park with one of Leo's preschool friends, Dmitri.

Saturday: NC State vs. Furman--Nicholas got tickets from NC State for being awesome! The tickets were great and the parking spot was close! We brought our babysitter, Ally, to help in case Jason had to take a nap. He didn't, but we had a great time!

Sunday: We were so tired. Especially me! But, I found out Excederin Migraine helps my varicose veins. Yay!

Olivia had a play date with the neighbor and Nicholas and I did some chores.

Monday: Olivia had violin, I vacuumed and mopped the house, and we ran errands. Then we played outside with friends.

Tuesday: Jason had school, I had a room mom meeting, Leo had piano lessons, and we went to Ritter park. We packed for our trip. 

Wednesday: We went to Kids Together playground with friends and then had a play date at the neighbor's! Then we cleaned out the refrigerator and got everything ready for our trip!


  1. I'm tired just reading this! You are such an awesome mom and it shows in your kids' huge smiles!! <3 Hope you guys have a great trip!