Monday, March 14, 2016

Track out, Nicholas to Japan and back, and Spring!!

Jason is so happy to be walking so well!! He's able to do more of what the big kids are doing and that delights him and me! He's babbling more and looking at us to see if we are understanding him. This is the beginning of my dream: to kick all three kids out of the house and cook dinner in peace! It's happening! (Sort of...)

Nicholas headed for Japan March 5, and we played for the first time at Duke botanical gardens that day with friends! We had fun! Poor Nicholas had about twenty four hours of travel during that time.

Sunday we took Olivia to her last cheer/tumbling class and then the library. We waited on Grandma Dorothy that afternoon and were happy she made it in time for dinner!

It was fun to have Mom here--it broke up the time of me being the only adult and made the kids so happy! Monday we went to Pullen park in the afternoon...

Grandma was so good with the kids, including Olivia's constant want for hugs! Jason even did a sweet game of giving me a hug and then Mom one for about five cycles!

Jason is usually taking one nap now around 10:30, so Tuesday we went to the Life + Science museum in the afternoon. We had a great time not fighting the crowds!

Leo was fearless on the tree house nets and ladders!

Wednesday we had an at-home day after preschool since mom was leaving the next day, and with the warm weather, we got out the wading pool for the first time this season! Instant hit!

Thursday Grandma left and Olivia cried. The kids and I ran errands in the morning, stopped by a playground before Jason's nap, and played outside for the rest of the day. The kids wanted to dress up in Halloween costumes and play paw patrol, and I went with it. I gave them ice chips as pup treats. Ha! I made hot dogs for my "I'm so ready for Daddy to be home" last meal before he got home around 10:30 that evening.

Friday was Dads day at preschool, and fortunately, Nicholas was able to go! While Nicholas napped afterwards, we broke out the pool for round two! Jason is so tough--no tears when the big kids sprayed him!

We're so glad dad's home!! Here are a few pictures he took from his meeting:

Mount Fugi from the hotel:


  1. That was a big week! I'm so glad Mom came for a visit while Nicholas was away. It sounded like the kids had much-needed grandma time. I love that the weather was good enough for everyone to play and enjoy the outdoors.
    Yay that Nicholas was able to go to Dad's day considering he had traveled so much the day before.

  2. That picture of your mom with Olivia needs to be framed! So sweet!