Sunday, February 21, 2016

Leo's stitches

Leo fell in the woods while we were walking home from picking up Olivia on Thursday. Thank goodness we were walking with our neighbors. Jessica held Jason and strolled her nine-month-old and walked Olivia, Lucy, and Asher home while I picked Leo up and ran home. I could tell the cut was bad, but I did not realize quite how deep and debris-filled it was until we got to the doctor. To understand how tough this kid is, picture this: I wrapped his hand in two clean cloth diapers after cleaning it as best I could. When the doctor said he couldn't be seen for an hour and forty five minutes, I put him on the couch with a show and a snack and put Jason down for a nap. In the mean time Nicholas came home and I changed Leo's muddy clothes, all the while hearing no complaints from Leo. Olivia and Jason stayed with Nicholas, thank goodness, and I carried Leo to the car and then into the doctor. Poor thing had a lot coming--it took thirty minutes to get all the debris out and about twenty to get the stitches prepped and in. They used Lidocaine, but he felt a lot of the pain. He was SO brave! He cried some, but never screamed or pulled away his hand. 

The doctor called the next day and recommended Leo have a splint made so he doesn't bust out his stitches. I definitely think it is helping protect his hand, as the morning after without the splint, he accidentally put weight on it and hurt himself. He may get his stitches out by Friday! Yay for our amazing bodies!


  1. Great work, Leo! Not pulling his hand away is pretty impressive for a boy that age. Whew, I bet your heart was bleeding the whole time too, Mommy!
    Kids heal so fast, it is incredible. And thank goodness they do!

  2. Poor little guy. How brave! I think I would have cried the whole time (as a Mom or the patient) The splint is a good idea to help protect his hand. I'm glad there is a chance to have everything over with soon.

  3. He is so brave! Glad he is healing up quickly :)