Monday, December 26, 2016

Family photos, fall 2016

Ha! We took these ourselves in the neighbors backyard when our photographer canceled! 









Christmas activities 2016

Leo's Christmas play:

I love Leo's school's Christmas play! They allow the kids to choose the part they want, so there are many Mary's and Joseph's. Leo was a wise man and was super cute!





Olivia and I got to go to the Nutcracker again this year and had a great time! Olivia looked lovely, and the performance was special since we took more notice of the orchestra and the music since Olivia is playing violin now. Since this was her fourth time seeing it, she was also a critique of the emphasis of different story elements!


This photo cracks me up! I wasn't sure if Olivia was tall enough for me to just stand next to her. Answer: no! Also, no shoes! Ha! Also, Jason's coming!!!

Sweet, beautiful girl!

Cookie exchange:

So much fun! Yes, I made Rice Krispie Treats...there is just no time!!


Christmas Eve:

We made gingerbread houses in the morning, and had our traditional take out Chinese food on China in the evening! Perfect!


Christmas cards:

I only ordered and sent 50 cards this year, down from 100 last year. I regretted not having the extra cards to give out to all our local friends. I will be going back to 100 next year! I love snail mail!




December track-out activities 2016

Track out fun!!

This is what happens when Olivia has a friend over to play while I work and the boys are at preschool! Scrap material + creativity =

Olivia also helped me pack snack bags for the snack pantry at her school, which I organized and is sponsored by Grow Our Kids. I do this every other week and it takes me a couple of hours during the school day. We help about 40 kids who otherwise wouldn't have a snack at school each day.


Tea time! Olivia wouldn't let Jason use a tea cup from her set! Ha! Her caution was founded. He threw his cup, but it didn't break.


We finally finished the sewing project we started on during the September track out!!



(Also, do you notice that Olivia has three sweater dress sets with leggings that she wears every day!!)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Disney!! (Post 3))

The rest!!!

Magic Kingdom:

Be Our Guest breakfast on Tuesday!! Yay for getting into the park before opening because of breakfast reservations!! We ran into our old neighbors from AL while waiting to get in, and their daughter had her hair appointment at the same time as Olivia! Be Our Guest was fun, too! It was cool to see Belle's castle and eat $14 Fruit Loops!

Jason loved the carousel and rode it about ten times throughout our visit! He would point and say, "horse!" And when asked now about Disney, that is often his response...or Mouse!

Olivia was an awesome sport and rode everything! One of her favorites was the teacups! First with Jason and then just us:
Nicholas and Olivia even did Space Mountain!
Later in the afternoon, Olivia got to go to the Bippity Boppity Boutique and get her hair, nails, and make up done by her fairy godmother! She was over the moon!

Then we had dinner at a funny character dinner with Cinderella's step sisters! Super cute!

Princess pictures day 4:

Leo had fun, too, but he just doesn't like having his picture taken as much, do I have fewer of him...

Animal Kingdom:
Wednesday the kids weren't big fans of animal Kingdom, or maybe they just wanted to go back to Magic kingdom, so we didn't explore much...

After we did a safari and checked out Africa, the big kids and Nicholas headed to Magic Kingdom and Jason and I looked at animals for a while before heading back for his nap.


Later that day we ran into Olivia's friend from school at Magic Kingdom!
We didn't have dinner reservations, so we went to the pool and then got take out back to our room!


On Thursday, we had breakfast at our hotel at Chef Mickey's and then headed back to Magic Kingdom for the morning. Olivia got so many autographs from the characters! Leo even got his picture taken with Goofy!!


At the hotel with Jason's bubble wand:




More carousel and "It's A Small a World" and "Peter Pan's Flight"... Olivia and Nicholas went on "Space Mountain" and "Seven Dwarves Mine Train"... We did the "Jungle Cruise" and Aladin's Magic Carpets and Buzz Lightyear's ride a few times! I got a Dole Whip and loved it!



Our best meal may have been on our last night in Epcot at Akershus in Norway at the princess dinner. The kids got pizza, but I had a yummy pork chop with some kind of raisin chutney that was awesome!! Olivia loved the princesses, too!


The boys and I explored while Olivia and Nicholas waited in line for Anna and Elsa... We found a model train set outside that they liked and saw a bridge going up to let the light show out!


We had a wonderful vacation!! It was great to be so together!! This was my favorite photo of the trip...not all the moments were this spontaneously sweet, but I was so happy to see them when they were!