Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall activities 2016

October has brought cooler weather and a wealth of fall activities! We love it! (All except the storm damage!)

  • Pumpkin painting--on our porch on a sick day with permanent paint--not my brightest idea! Ha! Leo brought out his Lego Nexo Knight book so I could make his look like a character from it. I did my best!
  • Pumpkin patch--unfortunately most of the pumpkins were rotten from all the rain and it was so hot and sunny that it was hard to get a good picture!
  • Fall outing (Dad and Olivia with yGuides, which is kind of like Girl Scouts but for dads and their kids)
  • Pumpkin carving party: Leo's friend's family invited us and we had a great time! There were SO MANY people there, but they were so well organized on their driveway and lawn that it all ran smoothly. The girl in these photos is from Leo's class. She's a sweet friend who plays with Leo a lot!
  • Just playing outside: The weather has been awesome!!
  • Storm damage: A leaky roof and no power for a few hours was just the beginning. Last Tuesday Nicholas pulled up the carpet in his closet to find this. We're still working on getting an insurance adjuster out here...

Leo's martial arts testing

Leo has been doing martial arts since late August. He asked to do it because of the Batman books we had been reading, but even as those have fallen from our reading list in favor of Lego books, he has still really enjoyed going and learning! The set up is this: you pay a monthly fee and go to as many of the classes for your age group as you want each week...there are six for "Tiger Cubs" and we try to go to two to four a week. Here's what he has been learning:

  1. The four rules of focus 
  2. Listening positions
  3. Front stance
  4. Low block
  5. Knife hand
  6. His phone number
Leo's first test from white belt to white belt with a yellow stripe was two Fridays ago. He did great and had fun!! I am glad he found something he likes!








Thursday, October 13, 2016

Test two...just one picture

When I tried a post with lots of pictures, it didn't work. Here's one...Halloween preview 

Catching up...with a new app

Grandma's September visit


Our Indiana and Kentucky trip from September:

Mom drove with us on the way...

A stop at Mutti's...



Lots of farm and cousin time...






Playing with Grandpa and Tamara:




Test post from new app

I haven't posted about:

  • Track out
  • Trip to zoo
  • Countless museums, playgrounds, and play dates 
  • Grandma's visit here
  • Our visit to Indiana and Kentucky 
  • Nicholas's week long conference 
  • My trip to Charlotte 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The blogger app on my phone stopped working

And so I haven't posted in nearly a month. I am looking into getting a new app for my phone, but until then, my posts will be few and far between...