Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jason is 18 months old!!

Wow!! Jason is already 18 months old as of July 20! He is doing SO much!

* Jason is sleeping through the night on a very regular basis! A typical schedule for him is sleeping 7:15pm-6:15am and napping 11:30-1:00. Actually, that's the ideal schedule that happens sometimes. Often it is all moved back 30 minutes. And sometimes he wakes at 4:55. 
* Jason is skipping, running, throwing balls, jumping with one foot off the ground, jumping off couches and tables and into pools!
* Jason signs "more" and "please". He points and often says the start of words like "ww" for water and "mm" for moo cow. He has said the words "up", "cat", "dog", "dada", "duck", "mama", "that", "uh-oh", "wow" and makes the noises "roar", "blah", and "yuck." He only says dog and dada on a regular basis, though. We've discussed a possible speech delay with the pediatrician and an ENT and audiologist, but they feel confident that (1) Jason's hearing is sound, and (2) his receptive communication is stellar. Bringing us to,
* Jason understands. He can point to his head, eyes, nose, ears, belly button, feet, legs, and hair. Or any of those parts on another person. He understands when I ask if he is hot and may ask to take off clothes. He understands when I ask him to go get something or stop doing something. He is a smart boy and I can see the cleverness in his eyes.
* Jason has a sweet tooth. The boy would not eat a fruit or vegetable all day if I didn't insist. I have drawn a line in the sand and am insisting on him eating what we eat. Bringing us to,
* Jason cries and throws tantrums on the floor. He gets frustrated with the food fights and on occasion when he can't get his point across.
* Jason loves "Harry the Dirty Dog", "Goodnight Moon", "Little Blue Truck" the beep beep book, and "Time for Bed."
* Jason thinks he is a big kid: he wants to play with Olivia and Leo whatever they are doing, which is hard sometimes when those things aren't toddler friendly. 
* Jason is a Momma's boy. Probably because I am with him during the day so much and because I am still nursing him. (I never thought I would this long, but it has gotten so easy...) He plays with Nicholas, but after about two hours, he looks for me.
* Jason weighs 25 lbs 8 ounces (70%), is 32.75 inches (55%), and has the biggest head in the 97th percentile. Ha! He's a cutie!!

Here are some recent pictures. I am having his 18 month photos taken professionally next week.

Jason insisted on wearing Leo's pajama pants!! Ha!

Playing "hayride" with brother!

Getting a haircut! He was so good!

He loves to color and play with play dough!

Here he is making a mess in the sink!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First day of first grade!! 7/11/16

It happened!! Olivia did great! She loves her teacher and is glad half of her Kindergarten class is with her still! 

I love this tooth blank smile!

Look how much she's grown!!

She was finished with pictures here!

And she was thrilled to get some homework! Spelling test at the end of the week!

Plus an example of her work from Wednesday--the third day--showing "inventive spelling" that they teach:

I had a swim meet. I swam backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. I won three ribbons. They were participations. I got an icee. I stayed up past my parents bedtime.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Myrtle beach, 2016

I took an absurdly few photos at the beach... with the sand and water, but we had lots of fun! Leo learned to boogie board and didn't want to stop, Olivia boogie boarded farther and longer than last year and did it every trip down to the beach, and Jason thoroughly enjoyed wallowing in the sand! We dug a hole that filled with water each trip and he played in it. Jason also liked jumping the waves in our arms, chasing the waves, and laying down and letting the water rush around him. Leo and Olivia liked jumping the waves, picking up shells, and building forts around mermaid cove--the hole we dug for Jason to play in. Nicholas and I each got minutes of sitting in the beach chair and lots of time playing with our kiddos in the sunshine! Jason took great naps, and I napped with him each day. We swam at the water parks, too, and I liked the lazy rivers. On Monday, Olivia and Leo discovered the water slides, and held hands and walked together to go down them about twenty times! No pictures of that either, but Nicholas and I got to drink our tiki drinks and talk while they did that, with only Jason hiding and pooping while we did! Ha!

The beach through a plastic bag over my phone the first day:

The playground:

Attempting some family photos at the end, with a close up of Olivia who lost her second top tooth this morning!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Farm + Mutti trip, summer 2016

We had so much fun on our trip north this year!! We did a lot of fun things, too! Horse back riding everyday followed by hay bale jumping, hoses on the trampoline, mine craft in the basement, water park, creek walking, bottle feeding calves, eating meals together, playing with bunnies and sheep, and just visiting! I'm so thankful for our families and time we get to spend with them.

Mutti and Uncle Chuck:



Creek walking:


Hay bales:




Back yard play:


Water park: