Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leo's MRI

Leo had his MRI on Thursday. I was worried bout him not being able to eat after midnight, but we stuffed him full until he went to bed, warned him that he would not be able to eat in the morning, and then kept him occupied upstairs until it was time to go at 9:30.

This was Leo in the waiting area, not amused with any attention.

In the room, Leo did not want the marker--tape with a vitamin E capsule on it--on him. I ended up taking it off and asking the anasteciologist to put it on after he went to sleep.

They took him back while he was awake, and he was very brave. I couldn't go, too. After an hour and a half, they called me back and Leo was up and upset. Of course he was! He went to sleep without anything attached to his body, and woke up with three nodes on his chest, a blood pressure cuff on his ankle, and an IV in his wrist! It took a while to get him calmed down, but after he used the bathroom we were released. Leo was a little wobbly, but otherwise OK. He wanted a milkshake, but no other food.

The surgeon called after reviewing the images and said that it is just a lipoma as he expected. It doesn't go into Leo's chest cavity which is great news! But is does come close to his veins and arteries in his neck. Dr. Hoover still wants to do surgery, but Nicholas and I are going to ask him some questions before we schedule it. We still haven't been able to reach each other for long enough to get our questions answered. More on that later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jason is nine months old today!

Jason is nine months old!!  Wow the time has flown! He is crawling with his belly off the floor a little bit, and army crawling a lot! He is pulling himself up and playing at the Lego table. He is eating all kinds of things, from mandarin oranges to apples slices to waffles. He drinks from a cup like a champ! He claps his hands. He's had several eight hour stretches of sleep, and some nights he's up every other hour. But we're getting there! I can see him turning from a baby into a toddler right before my eyes! We love this boy and get so much joy from his "mama mamas" and "dada dadas"!

His big play pen while the big kids play on the play set!

Eating, eating, eating!

And just a few of his eight months pictures!

Leo's update

We had the surgical consult on Wednesday. The surgeon thinks that it's going to have to be taken out soon after we have the MRI on Thursday. The MRI is on Thursday to determine how far the mass goes into Leo's chest cavity. I just heard word yesterday that his MRI is at 11:30 on Thursday, but he can't eat after midnight Wednesday. God bless us all! It's going to be a day!

The pumpkin patch and party, 2015

UWe had some friends over on Saturday, and went to the pumpkin patch! The kids had a lot of fun selecting their pumpkins and playing on the big ones that we didn't buy!

I didn't get very many pictures back at our house, but we had a fun time eating ribs, decorating gingerbread houses, and playing outside! Jason and Holden cracked me up! Jason kept trying to steal Holden's food!

Also, my kids are crazy! Leo, who loves orange chose a white pumpkin! And Olivia got an orange pumpkin and painted it white and a white pumpkin and painted it orange!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The ups and downs

I'm really thankful for my babies and for getting to stay home with them. Even when that means wiping runny noses, holding kids up right, and just being there to encourage! Sometimes I have to remind myself of this when I get frustrated that I can't get anything done. It all seems to work out...eventually!

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a swollen area on Leo's neck. He had a cold and ear infection at the time, and though the pediatrician didn't think it was related we decided to watch it for a week. Last week was the recheck. The pediatrician sent us for an ultrasound that afternoon. The radiologist also wanted an x-Ray. Fortunately, it is not a mass and isn't cancer according to the radiologist that afternoon. He said it is a lipoma--a growth of fat cells. He also said they would do more images. The pediatrician is concerned about the placement of the area, so we are seeing a surgeon tomorrow and having an MRI next week. Hopefully, this will be treated easily.

In other news, Leo is speeding around the neighborhood on his balance bike! I see a big boy bike in his near future!

And after weeks of rainy Saturday's, Olivia had soccer again on Saturday morning. She had fun!
Here's a little video:

We hit the Durham Museum of Life and Science on Sunday! They had a new area open called Hide a Way Woods, and it was awesome!!

First old favorites!

Then the new stuff!

Plus a little getting "Into the Mist" at the end!

Leo likes helping me shop!

And it's so nice playing with the neighbors after walking home from school!! I love this neighborhood!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Track out ends, a visit from two Grandmas, and a trip to Germany

Seriously, the days are too long for me to even post about this. I'm exhausted with the cold that has turned to sinusitis and back to a cold two to three times in our house this month. I am OVER it! 

Olivia's first track out was underwhelming. Yes, we had a great trip to Indiana and Kentucky and at the tail end Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Clara visited us, which was a great visit! But the rest was filled with play time at home and getting over colds. Blah! As my neighbor pointed out, though, it's good to set the bar low! There are lots of track outs!

I got almost no pictures of the grandmas visit. Nicholas was in Germany for a conference, so I was burning it at both ends. I got way more accomplished with them here and the kids LOVE both Grandmas! I'm glad they came and I'm happy Nicholas had a great time!

Olivia tracked back in Thursday and has been doing great with being away from home all day, which is wonderful! I'm really proud of her! Maybe the semi-boring track out was well-planned!

Here are a few random photos from the past few weeks:

Olivia got her nails done for our special time over track out:

Trying to send love to Dad when he was stuck in Newark on the way home!

At Grandma Clara's suggestion, I broke out the pack and play and am using it on the first floor and the porch to give Jason a safe place for me to put him down. It's working for minutes at a time!

The kids' latest craze: speeding down our driveway across the street into the neighbors' driveway! Literally hours of fun!

Target with three is somewhat challenging, as I learned on Saturday.

The weather finally cooled off a bit!

And Jason enjoys standing now!

Olivia read to her preschool class over break and did a great job!

This is how you wait for the doc in the box at the Minut Clinic when you are a stay at home mom to three kids. Turned out to be the ninety minute clinic!