Friday, July 24, 2015

Jason is six months!!

Where did the time go? Jason turned six months on the 20th, and he is acting like it, too. He is sitting up unassisted, drinking from a sippy cup, eating real oatmeal and lots of purred fruits and veggies, and beginning to feed himself Cheerios. His sleep is improving. He is so happy and social! He has four teeth, weighs 18 lbs 8 ounces, and is 25 5/8 inches long!! Slow down, big boy! You're Momma's last baby!

Waiting in the pickup line to get Olivia from school!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday funnies

Potty humor:

(Back story--this week Leo has started using the bathroom entirely on his own.)
Leo: "Sorry, Mom. I accidentally peed on the trash can."

(Back story--Leo still hasn't pooped on the potty. Until now, he says he has to go, and asks for a diaper.)
Me: "Leo, we have to leave for Jason's well visit in a couple of minutes. Are you doing okay up there playing Legos?"
Leo: "Yeah. I'm fine.......I have poop in my underwear."


Olivia: I don't like school.
Nicholas: Did you know that Mom and I liked school so much that we went even after we could have stopped? That's called graduate school.
Olivia: I will give it until second grade, but if I still don't like it, I am not going to graduate school.
Nicholas: Deal.

Monday, July 20, 2015


This picture says it all: Olivia is a bit overwhelmed with Kindergarten. Although the first day went great, it is a big adjustment for a five year old to be out the door at 7:05 AM and not return home for over seven hours. There have been tears in the classroom and out, but she is making progress. Last Friday (day five) was the first day she was able to say her name at morning meeting since she wasn't crying. Today was the first day without tears when leaving Nicholas's car. Olivia is having good days--her teacher walks her to the car and tells me, and Olivia tells me about the fun things they have done--chasing Pete the Cat through school, playing board math games, music, media, art, stories, etc. but she misses Mommy, doesn't like the noisy kids, and doesn't like the morning routine that leaves no room for dawdling. Honestly, I hope it gets better soon. I worry about her crying at her desk into the piece of fabric that their teacher gave them on the first day after reading a story about a boy giving up his blanket. I worry about her not eating enough. I worry about he not getting enough sleep. Poor, sweet Olivia. I don't remember being very sad in Kindergarten, but I do in first grade when I switched schools. I don't want Olivia to remember this part!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Olivia's first day of Kindergarten!

The build up to Kindergarten is huge! Nicholas and I spent countless hours thinking about and deciding where to send Olivia. Wake County has lots of good public school options--magnet schools, traditional calendar options, and year round options. After touring two schools, we ended up choosing the elementary school that is in walking distance from our house. 

So, for the uninitiated, year round school in Wake County has four tracks, and three of them started the new school year on Tuesday. The fourth starts in three weeks when one of the others "tracks out" for three weeks. So, it is essentially nine weeks on and three weeks off, plus everyone off at holidays. This way the facility can serve 133% of capacity. Olivia is on Track One, which means her track out times are September, December, March, and June.

There was a Kindergarten orientation in May and staggered entry this week. Olivia's original start date was Wednesday, but she has been sick since Monday afternoon with fever, sore throat, and a headache, so I called and moved it to today.

Olivia got up this morning at 6:24 when her clock light turned green, got herself dressed, and came in to our room for help with her hair. After breakfast and teeth brushing, plus a few pictures, Nicholas and Olivia were off to school at 7:05. Leo wasn't even awake yet!

Nicholas had to fill out a little info, and then he was on his way! No tears!  The lower left picture was texted to us from the teacher mid-day! I already love Olivia's teacher! The last picture is on the way home!! Olivia had a blast! (But her throat hurt, so we skipped the pool and just came home to rest.)

Meanwhile, the boys and I had fun playing at a playground, building castles from blocks, reading, and running errands. Jason's top tooth is about to come in--we can see it but it hasn't broken the surface--so he was a little fussy today.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The good stuff

For very ardent admirers of my kids:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth and the rest of June

We had a blast partying with our neighborhood friends on the 4th! The kids were stoked to see the sun set, and Leo even wanted his picture taken with it! 

Nicholas and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on Friday with brunch at a new place while the big kids were in VBS. Jason slept in his car seat for part and joined us for the rest. I love this man! Happy anniversary, honey!

Last weekend we went to the Durham Museum of Life + Science, and enjoyed the perfect weather and a great day!

Cute Jason pictures with his favorite things: playing peek a boo, brushing his teeth, and being fanned!

More cute kid photos: I love that Leo thought he could open the battery compartment with his toy screwdriver!

Two weeks ago we went to the Natural Science museum after Olivia's Safety Town camp one day and discovered parts we had never seen before!!

Summer is almost over!! Olivia starts Kindergarten on Wednesday!! She and I had a special Mommy and Me brunch this morning and shopped for her first day of school outfit!

Crying it out

It had to happen, and now it has. I worked so hard to do EASY (eat, activity, sleep, your time) with Jason, but he was always very hard to put down even if I didn't nurse him to sleep. He only slept in his car seat, on me in the carrier or holding him, or next to me in our bed reliably until last Sunday when Nicholas and I committed to getting Jason into his crib. The problem was that I started nursing him to sleep around the time he got his first tooth because I couldn't get him to sleep any other way. He took a paci if I forced it on him for a while, but that ended over a month ago now. Around the end of April he started waking every forty-five to ninety minutes or so at night, so I nursed all night long, which wasn't as bad as it sounded except that I had to be there to get him back to sleep every. single. time.

Last Saturday when I hosted Bunco, Jason wouldn't sleep, and he just stayed up with the ladies and me until 10:30. We started cry-it-out the next night. I will not admit to how much crying there was the first night, but it was measured in hours. The next night was down by half. The third night was the best so far. I am still nursing him at reasonable intervals because I don't think he is ready to go 10-12 hours without eating. That will come.

Tonight he went down with NO crying!! Woo hoo!!

Last night we went to our neighbor's house for a big 4th of July party, and I brought Jason back and put him down at 6:45 and kept the monitor. It was great not to have a sleepy baby on me!!

We are also down to two to three naps a day--three only if the naps are bad, but usually two, each about an hour and a half. This is a huge improvement, too. And I am sitting down to nurse Jason instead of just nursing in the carrier and having him fall asleep there.

These are the shocking pictures of Jason asleep in his crib...which seriously had hardly ever happened before this week!

Here he is awake, but calm and putting himself to sleep.