Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Saturday: Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt

Monday: Jason's well visit, Olivia loses a tooth, the cousins arrive!

Tuesday: Marbles children's museum in the morning and Crowder park in the afternoon 

Wednesday: Three Bears Acres--big bounce pillow, huge tobaggen sled, tree houses, net climbing thing, paddle boating, sand pit, mud kitchen, archery, outdoor painting, and slingshot and more...

Thursday: library and Walleypalooza 

Friday: Natural Science Museum 

Saturday: friends family baby shower 

Sunday: Durham Museum of Life + Science 

Olivia lost her first tooth and is starting Kindergarten in July!!

Olivia lost her first tooth last Monday!! It happened in the parking lot after Jason's well visit while I was in the back seat nursing him. Olivia refused to let me pull it even though it was hanging by a thread, so we could see her permanent tooth coming in before she lost the baby one! It finally came out when she was eating a fruit snack! Ha!

The tooth fairy came that night after the cousins arrived, and left a dollar coin and fairy dust in Olivia's tooth fairy pillow, which she left hanging outside her bedroom door. Goodbye to that sweet baby tooth that but me so much as it was coming in!

And we made a decision about where Olivia will go to school! We debated between the traditional calendar option, which is fifteen minutes away and operates from 9:15-3:45 and the year-round option which we can walk to and operates 7:40-2:20. When we found out Olivia is assigned to Track One, which is off for three weeks in June, September, December, and March, and on for nine weeks at a time between, we decided to go with the neighborhood school. (Both are rated as a nine in, and both seemed good on our visits.) The neighborhood school had a festival Thursday night called Walleypalooza, and it got Olivia pumped about going there starting July 7!

On the playground

Doing on of the games/activities: This picture sums up our sweet girl--nervous, excited, and willing to try new things! I can't believe it's time for her to start Kindergarten!!

Jason is two months!

Jason turned two months on March 20! Wow has time flown! He is smiling, following things with his eyes, batting at objects, trying to roll over, and getting fussy when he is bored. He likes when people talk or sing to him, and he likes rattles and toys that make sounds. He loves his bath in the evening and his morning yoga. He coos "oh", "ooo", "ah", "who", and "ga". He sleeps in the Bjorne, the Moby, in my arms, and in his car seat well for naps. If Nicholas or I can get him to sleep in his car seat for bed time, he will sleep up to six hours! After that he is up every two to three hours. I am still trying to get him to take a paci and a bottle. 

At his two month appointment last Monday, he weighed 14 lb 6 oz and was 23 inches long, which were the 90th and 75th percentiles. We love our big baby!! Stop growing so fast!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sunny days

A little tummy time: Jason is getting very strong, even though he has yet to roll over!

On picture day at school, when I put a button up shirt on Leo, he said, "Now I look like Daddy !"

I went to my first mommy and me yoga class last week with Jason. We both had a great time! And now I know how to do yoga with the baby better. So we have been doing that first thing every morning around 540 or so! Jason continues to love it and so do I!

Picnics on our driveway in nice weather are so fun! I have been taking turns reading a book of Leo's, then a chapter from one of Olivia's chapter books, and then singing a song for Jason. They all seem happy with this!

I found another carrier for Jason, that works for Olivia and Leo too actually! The only problem is that when I wash it I have to iron it.

Mutti came for the weekend to meet Jason and see the other kids! We had a great time visiting! Olivia and Leo wore her out playing, and Jason felt like a first child being held and cooed at!

We went to Kids Together playground on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the great weather.

Monday afternoon we played in the backyard a lot and Jane read to the kids for their settle down time.

We bought a playhouse yesterday, but it wouldn't fit in the van to bring it home. Hopefully it will fit with the seats out today!

 So, as consolation, the kids played in water in our driveway with the neighbors all afternoon! They had a great time!

Since I haven't had very many bath pictures of Jason, I thought I would show him with his belly. He's getting so big! He's a voracious nurser and he is sleeping pretty well, too – from 8:45 PM to 1:45 AM last night and then just waking once before he woke at 5:40! I am working so hard to do E.A.S.Y.: eat, activity, sleep, your time!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Facebook repeats

For the grandparents:

Proof that I still cook a little..,

Jason is finally liking some of the carriers that we have for him which makes life a lot easier!

Proof that Jason is smiling even if it is in the middle of the night!

Sweet chubby cheeks!

Our first family of five out to dinner outing! It was Red Robin and it was yumm!

The kids fight over who gets to take a bath with Jason! They both love him!

We have had gorgeous weather here and have had lots of outside playtime lately! Here are a few pictures from today with our neighbors at the park.

I am blogging from my phone which is why everything looks strange. But there is probably no other way that I'll be able to do it for a while! No time!