Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break, Part 1!

At home! Fun in the backyard! Seriously, we got this tent as a wedding gift over ten years ago and this is the first set up! Ha! And I did it with help from Olivia in about fifteen minutes! The kids loved their castle!

And Daddy went with us to the playground so that the kids could ride their bikes! Success! They loved it and there was a lot of riding!

Olivia can really swing now by herself from getting on, getting started, to going, she is a pro! And Leo still loves the baby swings, which is fine since he is kind of Danger Boy in other regards! Yesterday he discovered his shadow and said, "Look! There's a picture of me!" In the picture, he is making a silly face at my request.

And our pool officially opened! Since it was 76 degrees Saturday, we let the kids "wade" in. They loved it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Leo knows!

His numbers!

His letters!

 How to read Cinderella with Daddy!

How to be a great snuggler! Every morning!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Heidi

To my lovely sister, Heidi! Happy birthday! What a year this has been for you...becoming a mom, enjoying those magical moments of babyhood, and dealing gracefully with all the struggles that goes along with being a new parent! For you, we threw a party you couldn't attend. Actually, you weren't even invited since I thought of it the day of, but here are pictures documenting that it happened! Well, I didn't actually take one of the chocolate, chocolate cake, but there is one of Olivia licking the beaters! Happy birthday, sweet sis!

Party in the tent!

Musical chairs! The party lasted two days!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Funnies!


  • One evening when I accidentally hurt myself. I was sitting on the chair in the living room and Leo walked up.
    • Leo: Do you need a chocolate egg?
    • Me: No, but thank you, Leo.
    • Leo: Do you need cream?
    • Me: I don't think so, Leo. I am okay.
    • Leo: Do you need new batteries?
    • Me: (laughing) People don't need batteries.
    • Leo: Do you need an ice pack?
    • Me: Sure, Leo.
    • Leo: (excitedly running to the freezer) I'll get it!
  • One evening when I was reading a book to Leo in bed
    • Leo: Read faster!
    • Me: (reading faster)
    • Leo: You did it, Mommy! I'm so proud of you!


  • One morning when Olivia ran out of the bedroom where Leo was playing. She wanted something. I gave it to her. On her way back to the bedroom, hurriedly, she said
    • Olivia: I have to get back so Leo feels safe!
  • One morning when Olivia and I were on the back porch
    • Olivia: The birds are waking up! What are they saying?
    • Me: I don't know. I don't speak bird.
    • Olivia: I do. Tweet tweet. Chirp chirp!


  • One night at dinner when I cut pizza into squares and rectangles. One square equalled two rectangles. I had just given Leo another piece, so I gave him a small one.
    • Leo: (yelling) No!! I want a square!!!
    • Olivia: (under her breath) Smartypants!
      • Later that evening I related this conversation piece to Nicholas.
    • Olivia: Copycat!
  • One day when Nicholas was home with Leo and I was in the car with Olivia. I called Nicholas to say that we were swinging by McDonald's on the way home and to take his order. Olivia wanted to talk to Leo on the phone, too.
    • Olivia: Leo, we're going to McDonald's and we are bringing you chicken nuggets, french fries, and a milk shake.
    • Leo: A milk shake? For me? Thank you!
    • Olivia: You're welcome, Leo. I miss you! Bye!
    • Leo: I love you! Bye!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A week in the life: March 8-16, 2014

In an effort to get the kids to go to bed on time last Sunday for Daylight Savings Time, we made an afternoon trip to the Barnyard instead of Leo's naptime. We used our passes from Olivia's birthday party last year. Part of the reason I wanted to take the kids was because Olivia was insisting that she wanted to have her birthday party there again because last year she didn't get a chance to do everything since it rained. I thought this would stop that wish, and it did. We showed up at the perfect time! Our friends from the kids' school drove up at the same time. When Thad got out of the car, Leo looked up at me and said, "Mommy! There's my best friend, Thad!" Jason, Thad's dad was completely taken off guard that Leo could express that. We proceeded to have a great afternoon!

Sunday evening, Nicholas's and my undergrad professor in Computer Science came over for dinner, and we had a great evening talking. The kids did great, except for Leo having a hard time going to bed even though he hadn't had a nap.

By Tuesday, Leo had came down with strep throat. I was hoping it would miss him, but was not surprised that it didn't. This was the fourth case in our house in the past month, it only avoiding me probably since I am the only Kraft in the house without tonsils. Anyway, as Leo saw Olivia get her strep tests at the doctor's office, he assured me on the way to the doctor that he did not need a test. He got one, though, it was positive, and we picked up the antibiotics right away. 

This is us on the way to the playground Monday afternoon. I was shocked that Leo let me put him in the front of the Ergo. He still rides in the backpack, but almost never in the front. I guessed he was coming down with something. The picture is terrible because the front lens on my camera phone was dirty.

One afternoon we pulled out "swim stuff" and had a beach party! Olivia loved this! 

We did get to the playground Monday and Friday. On Friday, Olivia drove the car! I'm so glad Nicholas met us there and put the car in his trunk on the way home! We are so happy to see Daddy when he comes!

Saturday, Olivia had recital pictures. She looked adorable, as did all the sweet girls in her class!

Today, we built a zoo out of blocks, legos, and train sets. I thought the kids did a fabulous job! Leo had a bit of a problem refraining from knocking the pens down after a while.

And Daddy got into the action later. The kids love to play "horse" with him!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sweet Olivia

Olivia had strep again last week. Last Sunday she had a low fever. It went up a bit Monday afternoon, so I made an appointment with the doctor for Tuesday morning. We went with Leo in tow, and sure enough, after the strep test from hell--lots of screaming and holding her down, Leo crying in sympathy--it came up positive. So, we kept Olivia home again on Wednesday, and, of course, during all this naps. Ugh. It was a rough week. But, Olivia and I had a lot of "special time!"

This was from Monday around 3:30 snack time when Olivia's fever got up to 102.9. She "wasn't tired", though. She woke at 4:30 AM that morning, no joke. She never sleeps well when she is not well. Nicholas was traveling, and I was beat. Leo was just hanging in there!

 One of the games Olivia and I played on Wednesday when she was home from school, but fever-free was "wedding" where we made an aisle, had flowers delivered, and did the ceremony. Later that turned into "graduation" since she was sick of wedding, but wanted to do something with the aisle! Look at that cute graduate!

Thursday, when Olivia was feeling better, we went to the library and picked out lots of new books. Three of them were American Doll books, but I didn't realize it until we got home. Then Olivia matched the star logo from those books to the catalog from the recycling. Oh, my! I really don't want to start spending money on those things! 

I promise I washed this dress from one day to the next. It is her favorite right now because she doesn't have to wear leggings with it!
Friday, Olivia went to school. Since she was feeling better, we went to a make-up ballet class that happens to be doing the same dance as her class in the recital. (I just discovered this, so hopefully we will be able to make up the 5 classes she has missed! Hooray!) Olivia got her recital costume Friday and LOVES it! I told her she can only wear it for practicing her dance, which I videoed two weeks ago so she could practice. Oh the hilarity! And now, of course, Leo wants to learn the dance, too. Hearing him yell, "Hips, cheeks!" with the teacher as the girls move their hands from one to the other is priceless! And look how grown up my girl looks in this! Next week is picture day for them, and she will get to wear lip gloss and blush. She is beyond excited!!

Today Nicholas took out the dead tree stump from our backyard, which took hours and was a total labor of love! The kids and I got out Easter decorations and made some paper ones of our own! We owe thanks to Jane for setting these aside for us and thanks to Gonnie for making them long ago!