Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took Olivia "trick or treating" to a total of two houses. She wasn't into it as I expected. She wanted to stay home and draw with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. That's what we did. She did like to steal candy for our stash we were giving away, though. Even though she wasn't into the trick or treating, she did learn to say "tri trea" and repeated that throughout her dinner, bath, and story time before bed. Cute!

And this was Olivia on her way to our neighbor's 2nd birthday party. Thanks, Beki, for the bee costume!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I took Olivia to her first gymnastics class on Friday. She really liked it. It was a Halloween theme day, so all the kids dressed up in costume. Olivia liked the trampoline the best by far because you climbed up soft steps to get to it, bounced down the length of it (20 feet or so) and then tumbled (or slid) down a soft ramp. There was also balance beam to walk on (in various heights, including one on the floor), uneven bars (that Olivia just touched, but didn't play on), a bouncy floor where real gymnasts do their floor exercises, and a play area with mats for tumbling. It was $5 for an hour, so it was quite a deal compared to Kindermusik or CHOM (without a membership). I didn't get any action shots, but here is Olivia after the costume parade:

And waiting to get to go into the area with all the apparatuses:

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This video was from a while ago, but Olivia is so hilarious I thought I would post:

This is when Mom was down here helping. (Thanks, Mom!! This is the only photographic/video evidence you were here. Mom painted the guest bedroom--two walls are cream color and the other two are blue. Bill, you were right. Behr paint covers much better than Valspar. We are going to put up cloud and flower decals. Pictures in the next few weeks as we get the queen bed moved out and Olivia's stuff moved in.) Olivia loves to play the piano, but note that the video ends the same way as the first--wanting the camera:

And here is Daddy and Olivia's new favorite pass time:

Mutti was down to help and got lots done for me. She finished all the rest of the felt leaves for Baby's room, lined all the drawers of the built-in bookcase so that I can move my part of the office out there, and washed and folded lots and lots and lots of baby clothes. Pictures to follow of the tree. It looks fabulous!

This is a picture of Olivia on the bouncer at our HOA party. She still talks about it and says, "I bounced!"

This was one particularly cold morning from a while ago when we went to the playground at seven in the morning. Olivia had to wear her bear house shoes. She didn't want her hood up; she wanted her Hello Kitty hat on. And those mittens are still a favorite. She asks for them on. One morning she wore them to school and wouldn't take them off. The teacher said she wore them for at least 30 minutes inside.

Charlie Bear is still a favorite to take on walks and to play with in general. She also wants him in her lap when she swings.

Olivia loves her Thomas early reader books. That is almost all she wants to read lately. Here is a picture of Mutti reading to Olivia while she was visiting.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family update

I have been lax about getting pictures and video of Olivia up here. Bear with me. They will get here sooner or later.

Monday, after a whole week of contractions, I called Dr. Chwe and asked to be seen just to make sure that Baby was okay. Honestly, by this time, I was a little freaked out because the previous Monday they told me to call if I had more than four contractions in an hour. I never did, but I had them consistently two or three an hour, sometimes four, for sustained periods. I went in that day and they hooked me up to monitor my contractions and baby's heartbeat. After twenty minutes, the nurse came in and said someone else was waiting for the monitor, so she would show my printout to the doctor on call since my doctor had to go downstairs and deliver a baby. The doctor on call said not to let me up, to give me a Dr. Pepper, and monitor longer. The baby wasn't moving enough. That scared me. After twenty five more minutes and another contraction, my doctor came in. Everything was okay. The baby must have been sleeping and the Dr. Pepper woke him up. The contractions, though not typical, are not abnormal. My cervix is not dilated and the baby is not putting pressure on it, so that is good. Dr. Chwe reassured me and felt comfortable letting me go home. He said I might have contractions like this for another week, or it might be for the rest of the pregnancy. As long as they are not ripening my cervix, they are just annoying. He scheduled to see me next Monday and again for my regular appointment on November 10th, though. I feel much better knowing that these aren't hurting baby and aren't hastening his arrival. Annoying, I can deal with.

Today I had several contractions. Probably two to three some hours and only one others. They are still waking me at night, though. I think this is just going to be the way it is.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little warning

I've been doing too much. I know it, but my body made me slow down yesterday. Sunday afternoon I took Olivia to the block party our HOA was throwing. They had inflatables for the kids, and Olivia loved the one for the 1-5 crowd that was essentially a flat balloon with zoo animals on it. She could bounce and pet the animals all while holding my hand. I stood next to her and lifted her up and down for about two and a half hours. Then we walked the mile home. I felt bad Sunday night, but it wasn't until after our two mile walk and 45-minutes of playground time that I realized I was having contractions. Not really painful contractions, but contractions I couldn't get to stop just by laying on my side and drinking water. The doctor told me to get off my feet and rest and drink lots of water and call back if I had more than four in an hour. I had four in an hour several times, but not five. So, I took Olivia to a neighbor's and laid down. The contractions stopped around 4:30 PM. I didn't work last night and I didn't go in today because I was up from 11 PM to 1 AM with contractions again. I haven't had more since this morning, and I am feeling better. Mom is here now and she is going to help with Olivia so that I won't be taking her to the playground and going on real walks for a few days. Anyway, I am going to take it easy for a little while, as difficult as that is for me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The zoo and a couple of rough days

Today, Olivia and I went to the Birmingham zoo with a group of moms we know from story time at the library. It went well, given that we were coordinating five kids under 18-months. The weather cooperated beautifully, too. The highlights:

My friend Jennifer and her daughter Mary Grace, who live in our neighborhood and rode with us to the zoo, joined us for a picture. Jennifer is expecting about a month after I am, so both our kids will be in the same classes.

Olivia looking at the elephant.

Looking at the giraffes. I think these were her favorite.

Seeing the vultures.

All the kids in their strollers! Amazing!

We had a great time at the zoo. But, we probably stayed 30 minutes too long. (We stood in line for the train ride for at least 30 minutes that we paid $3.50 to ride, only to give up and leave because all the kids were so fussy.) Olivia was very tired by the time we made it back to the car. She would have slept in the car, but Mary Grace kept talking and laughing. By the time we got home, Olivia was miserable. She only slept about an hour and fifteen minutes, though. She woke up shaking, sweating, and crying. She had a fever of 101.5. My poor girl. This after sitting in an ant hill yesterday afternoon and being bit at least ten times before I got all her clothes off and all the ants off (after only napping for 45 minutes that day, poorly at that--after being up from 3:30-5:30 AM that night from a runny nose). Anyway, she is sleeping now and we are hoping for a better day tomorrow. I have a head cold, too, but no fever. I thought Olivia's runny nose was from allergies because she had no cough and no fever. I guess those just came later.

Twenty four week appointment

I had my 24 week appointment yesterday. I feel very lax about blogging about Baby brother since I spent so much time writing about my pregnancy with Olivia. I still haven't gotten another bare belly shot. Hopefully this weekend, we will do it.

I passed my gestational diabetes test, as I suspected I would. I weigh about a half pound less this time around than I did at this same time in my pregnancy with Olivia. That surprised me because I gained seven pounds this month!! Whoa! And I feel that I look bigger. But, Dr. Chwe looked it up and I gained six pounds the month of 20-24 weeks last time. He's not concerned at all and wants me to gain at least 30 pounds total again. Last time I gained 32 pounds. My plan had been to gain more this time around because I thought it might help me make more milk. Now, I just figure, whatever I gain, I gain. I am not going to stress about breastfeeding like I did last time. I am going to do it, and my goal is to do it six months, but if I don't make enough milk and have to supplement, I am not going to beat myself up about it. (See, I said it here first. Remind me if/when I am beating myself up about it.)

I talked to Dr. Chwe about pain alleviation during labor. I have been debating the whole no-pain-meds idea because (1) it was very difficult last time, (2) I am predicting that this baby will be bigger since he is measuring about two weeks ahead, but they aren't changing my due date, (3) I have heard some very delightful labor stories about peaceful labors where mom gets to take a nap during labor--I'm all for naps!, (4) since I know that 48 hours after I have Baby brother, I will be back home taking care of Olivia and Baby, I want to be as well and rested as is possible for someone just having given birth, and (5) I don't think I am in as good of shape this time around since I am doing less yoga. Anyway, Dr. Chwe told me that getting the epidural is better for baby than getting intravenous drugs during labor because an almost immeasurable amount of the drug goes to the baby from the epidural, whereas much more (essentially the same concentration as mom gets) goes to the baby with intravenous drugs. Plus, he allows intravenous drugs during labor up to 9 cm dilation. After that, no more because he wants baby not to be groggy when he comes out. That being said, Dr. Chwe reminded me that second labors and deliveries are usually shorter. (The statistic on this is that the average time it takes a first-time mom to push is 60 minutes. The average time for the second-time mom is 20 minutes. I pushed for 90 minutes with Olivia, but that probably had something to do with her getting stuck on my pelvic bone.) He said that he felt confident that I could do it if I wanted to, barring any emergencies. So, my mind is not made up, and it probably won't be until labor begins, but I am much more open to having drugs during labor this time around.

Also at this appointment, I pre-registered at the hospital and signed up for childbirth classes. This go around we are just doing CPR (as a refresher) and the sibling class where Olivia gets to see the hospital and hear about being a big sister.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Library story time

So, Olivia and I have been making it to story time at the library since she isn't taking two naps anymore. Olivia really has a good time. The best part may be when they play music at the end and blow bubbles. Olivia laughs and dances!

In other news, the leaves look good on the tree in the nursery. I am going to delay finishing until we get Olivia moved out of her room and into the guest room. I just did those leaves because Nicholas and I were supposed to go to a football game Saturday, but life happened and we weren't able to go. So, instead of working or doing housework, I thought I would do something for Baby brother.

And I don't think I've ever posted a picture of Olivia in the double stroller with her Teddy, which is how we walk everyday now. This one was yesterday when it was drizzling. Olivia was happier than she looks in the picture.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

For family thinking of my birthday

I want very boring things this year. I could use a muffin tin, a set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons (as I don't have a complete set and mine are scattered everywhere), a potato masher, and a plastic slotted spoon. My ice cream scoop that I usually use to make monster cookies broke, too, so I need a new one. The kind that has a wire to get the stuff off the scoop. I know. Exciting!

Decisions, decisions

Of course, Nicholas and I are no where near close to figuring out a name for Baby brother, but we have decided on the nursery. I started cutting out felt "leaves" for the tree, I picked up a sheet I like for the crib, and Nicholas and I decided on a blue paint for one wall. Most everything else stays the same as Olivia's nursery.

It starts so early

Olivia really does have her own little personality. Here are the shoes she just had to wear around the house the other day--her first heels. I don't know how I feel about that. They were Abby's and were in the bag of shoes Steph sent. Olivia picked them out and wanted them on!

And this is another picture from the other day when Olivia just had to hold the camera to take my picture while I was taking her's. Incidentally, this is the only way to brush Olivia's teeth without her screaming--by letting her brush mine or Nicholas's at the same time.

And, at school, Olivia is already finger painting! Crazy that we have something to hang on the refrigerator:

Halloween preview

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't get into Halloween. So, when Steph sent Abby's old Snow White outfit down, I thought, "Score!" I tried it on Olivia to see if it would fit. It did fit (mostly) and she loved it. She did not want to take it off, so we went for a walk with her wearing it. She wanted to wear the sparkly red shoes that Steph sent down, too, but I made her wear her Keens instead.

Aunt Beki also sent a Bee outfit, so we'll see what the weather is on Halloween to see which one she wears. There are several events in the meantime anyway--sorority row trick-or-treating, CHOM Halloween party, etc. so Olivia will have plenty of time to wear her Halloween costumes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before I forget

Today when I was driving up to pick up Olivia from Mom's Morning Out, her class was out on the playground. As I parked, their teacher had them line up and walk back to the church. It was the cutest thing to see Olivia walking in a line with the other kids. Actually, to me, it seemed like a miracle for them to take directions like that. All the other kids are older than Olivia, so perhaps it wasn't such a feat, but I wish I had had a camera to catch it on film!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Olivia and her babies

While I put clothes away in her room, Olivia wanted in her crib with her dolls. She was tucking them in with her burp cloth until I gave her a blanket to use. So funny!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What we are up to now

Olivia dancing with Teddy:

Olivia bouncing on her horse (consignment for $5!!):

Olivia dancing with Barney:

This picture really does say a thousand words. (1) Notice the double stroller there. Mom backed into my jogging stroller when she was down in August and bent the frame so badly that it was beyond repair. I didn't want her to get a new one because Olivia wasn't staying in a stroller anyway. We used the Chicco one for a while and then I gave up completely. Today, however, Olivia stayed in the double stroller for the (about a mile) walk to the playground with her big white Teddy. When she asked to get out, I said no, she had to stay with Teddy. She seemed to accept that. So far, so good!! (2) The swing is from Steph's backyard. Olivia loved it while we were in Indiana. Since Steph's kids are too big for it now, she sent it with us. On a temporary basis, we hung it up in the garage and Olivia loves it. She says, "Wee, wee, wee" when she wants to swing. (3) All that trash is from Nicholas cleaning out the attic and me cleaning out the office. We have decided to play musical rooms and move Olivia to the guest bedroom, leaving the nursery for Baby. (Olivia will take her Little Lamb stuff with her, we'll swap out the pink fabric bins for blue ones, and get new bedding.) Then we'll figure out how to get a twin or a sofa bed into the office by moving my part of the office out to the new bookcases with a built-in desk. I am crossing my fingers that we will get this all done in time. We have set some short-term goals of cleaning out the guest bedroom in time for my mom to come and paint. Then to get Olivia to the back bedroom by the time we get back from Thanksgiving in Indiana. Then for getting everything else arranged by Christmas. Then, hopefully, I will have a few weeks before Baby to clean, clean, clean.

And my baby bump is getting more prominent. I am off my belly shots schedule because I have about 60 bug bites all over my body from sitting in the field in Indiana, playing with Olivia, watching ducks, and playing fetch with dogs. I didn't want a bare belly photo until those are healed.