Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Starting to nest...

My appointment last week went fine. The baby's heartbeat was normal, my uterus size is measuring at the same week I am supposed to be, and blood pressure/pulse/heart rate/weight all looked good. I've gained four pounds so far, which is about the same as with Olivia at this time. I do have a varicose vein now, so the doctor gave me a prescription for support hose. I bought several pairs. Now I just have to force myself to wear them in this heat. Thankfully, small hints of fall seem to be appearing--cooler mornings and some early tree leaf changes.

Our next appointment is September 15, and we have an ultrasound then. If Baby cooperates, we should be able to find out the gender, so Nicholas and I are so excited. (I'm also excited because this is the one where they look at all the chambers of the heart, the parts of the brain, count fingers and toes, etc. It's a sigh of relief to know that everything is going well, and I hope we get to take that sigh then.)

I seem to be nesting a little. I am resisting cleaning out the guest bedroom closet or Olivia's closet until we find out the gender of the baby. If it's a boy, I can put a lot of Olivia's pink wardrobe in the attic for Heidi later on. If it's a girl, I'll be keeping those tubs out. But, until then, I have cleaned out a couple of cabinets in the kitchen, Nicholas's and my closet, and our laundry room/pantry. I feel less overwhelmed now that I have a few things under my belt. Hopefully, all will get done before Kraft Baby #2 makes his/her debut. We aren't moving Olivia out of the nursery before Baby comes, so we don't have a room to decorate, but I do want the closets and storage and bookshelves in the guest room to be mostly ready to hold Olivia's stuff so that the move will be easier when I have a three-month-old and a two-year-old. As the due date draws near, we'll be pulling out some things from the attic for Baby--the bouncer, the swing, the playmat, etc.

And not to leave Olivia and Nicholas out of the post...

Mom suggested I put up the Pack 'n Play that she left and put Olivia in it to play so that I could get some things done in short bursts. I thought that would never work, but it has! This has been our start to "play on your own," as the timer hasn't really sunk in for Olivia. She can only last 3-5 minutes without fussing for me, but it is definitely a start. And I am amazed at what I can get done in 3-5 minutes without Olivia hanging off me.

And just so you know, Olivia's hair is much longer than it looks. It can almost go in pigtails!!

This weekend, I got some shots of Daddy and Olivia together. She is becoming more and more "Daddy's girl".

Olivia is still my little helper in the kitchen, though.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyday Olivia

It's difficult to keep Olivia in the stroller or wagon anymore on walks. We always start that way, and usually end this way:

Today was UA's first day of fall classes, so I thought I would get a "first day of school" picture of Daddy and Olivia:

But, before Nicholas was off to school, Olivia, the dogs and I hit the playground for an hour this morning. Olivia's favorite was going down the big slide in my lap and sitting on the ground playing with pebbles. Next time, I'll bring "sand toys" for her to move things around with.

In other news, Ferber continues. Olivia slept through the night on the sixth night (Sunday night), but hasn't since. Last night, she was up at 8:30, 10:30, and 4:30. I think her teeth hurt.

A note for the Kraft side of the family. Olivia and I were at Target the other day and perhaps it was the first time since Olivia has been walking that we were in the women's clothing department. Olivia hid under a rack of clothes and laughed her little head off under there. I thought of the stories of Nicholas hiding from his Grandma Haaga under the clothing racks. Oh, Olivia is her father's daughter.

And today, I had started getting Olivia ready for her bath, and Nicholas wasn't home. She walked to our home office door, pointed, and said, "Daddy?" It kind of broke my heart. Luckily he was home soon after. He is usually there for bath and bed time.

On the baby front, I finally broke down and bought some compression pantyhose. It took me 15 minutes to get them on, but my legs are thanking me at the end of a long day of playing with Olivia and cleaning the house. The varicose vein issue is a bigger problem this go around, probably because I am carrying Baby #1 and Baby #2. Tomorrow I have my 16 week, 5 day appointment.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Small victories, new goals

So, better late than never...Olivia is off bottles totally. We went cold turkey the day my mom left (Tuesday). I didn't even have time to realize that I had already given her the last one. I switched out the nipples on four Avent bottles to the sippy cup "magic valve" and I give her a choice of cups when she wants milk. She looks through the cabinet feverishly for a bottle, but comes up with about five different types of sippy cups--straws, Nuby ones that she kind of bites on, regular Playtex sippy cups, and Disney princess ones without valves. She has no favorite now. It changes every time she wants milk or water. She still asks for a bottle, but she is drinking milk from the sippy cups. Not quite as much as with the bottles, but that's okay. She has been taking water and juice from a sippy for a long time now.

At Olivia's 15-month check-up the doctor convinced me to go cold turkey and just take the bottles away and also to do Ferber AGAIN. This is our fourth time, but getting up twice a night with her is doing me in since I am tired anyway with Baby #2. We started that Tuesday night. It was rough. I have been sleeping in the bedroom next to her's so that Nicholas can get some rest and we both aren't up all night. She still hasn't slept through the night, but last night was better--up at 3:30 and 4:00 for about ten minutes each time. I fell back to sleep in between. I'm hoping for a miracle tonight.

We had transitioned to one nap per day before Mom came, but we are back to two. I don't mind either way, I am just trying to figure out which is best for Olivia right now. I don't like to fight her to take a nap, but I also know that a rested Olivia is a happy Olivia.

New goal: getting Olivia to play by herself. Sometimes I feel like Olivia's personal circus for all the entertaining I do in a day. I get very little done, which leaves much to do after she goes to bed. Then I go to bed late, I'm tired the next day, the cycle continues. So, I bought a timer and I am going to start trying to teach Olivia to play by herself. I've heard that you can do this by starting to set the timer at one minute, put the toddler on a blanket with toys and the timer, and just keep putting her back on the blanket if she gets off until the timer goes off. You are supposed to walk away to emphasize this "play by yourself." Then add time to the timer as it starts to work.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grandma and Olivia

Mom cut branches in our willow to make Olivia a play room under there. Olivia loves it!

She's in there, pretty well hidden.

Catch-up videos

Trying to catch Olivia putting on Daddy's shoes, which is hilarious:

The videos from peach weekend, which I decided aren't so bad and document that we really did it!

Baby belly photos

With Baby #2

Seven weeks and fourteen weeks (I was puffing out a little in 14 week photo because I want everyone to see how huge I feel!):

With Olivia

Seven weeks and fourteen weeks:

Just five more weeks and we will know the sex of our little peanut! I cannot believe he/she is big enough to start hearing our voices! Yay! Bedtime stories take on a dual meaning now!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from the beach: My first nights away from my girl

Nicholas's dad's friend has a condo in SanDestin, FL that she graciously allowed Nicholas and me to use this weekend. My mom drove from Indiana on Thursday, saw Olivia's routine that afternoon, evening, and next morning, and (with only four pages of single-spaced typed directions from me about Olivia) kept Olivia for the next 54 hours.

Nicholas and I had a wonderful time just the two of us. Honestly, I felt really young not having Olivia with us. It reminded me of our graduate school days. Nicholas and I talked the entire five and a half hour drive to SanDestin--no radio, no CDs, no books-on-tape--just catching up on life. I started really feeling pregnant, too, probably because I had time to think about it. I am thinking that I felt the first little kicks from Baby, but I am not 100% sure.

The condo, on a golf course, was beautiful and peaceful. Nicholas and I rested, ate out, ate in, hit the pool, the outlet mall, and the movies. It was wonderful to spend some time together just us.

Of course, by Sunday morning, we were both itching to get home. I didn't cry when I left Olivia, and she didn't cry, either (probably because she loves my mom so much). But, I cried Sunday because I missed her so badly. I had to read on the way back to stop from tearing up. Mom said that Olivia started giving her a look after naps and when she woke up in the morning that said, "Oh, it's you." But, then was happy and played the rest of the time. No pictures from the trip, but I think all four of us had a great time.

Mom leaves tomorrow. She stayed an extra day to visit with me and help me (the perks of being pregnant!). I can't say how much I appreciate her coming and just taking over with Olivia for a few days. In the past couple of months, I had started to think, "If only I could have one whole day off." I got two, and that was too much!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"I do it"

Olivia's one "sentence" is "I do it." Here she is eating her own peach. She did not want me to cut it up as I normally do. She did not want me to finish peeling it. She did not want to sit in her high chair for her snack. She loves peaches, but I can see that my strong-willed child's strong will is really coming out now! I am choosing my battles. I figure if she doesn't want me to peel or slice it, less work for me!

Olivia is busy all the time. Today, she put some of her stuffed animals in the wagon:

And took them for a ride:

Later, we played with stickers and took a picture of Baby (notice I have peach goo on my sleeve and look exhausted, as usual):

I thought this was a cute picture of Olivia looking into the camera to see herself:

And she wanted to continue to see (notice the molars, which are all the way in, and the eye teeth, which are making their ways):

And sticker fun didn't end until Teddy was covered from top to bottom. Here is an "in process" picture:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby talk

I haven't devoted a post to the new Baby since announcing we were pregnant, so I thought I would remedy that. This pregnancy has been different from the first in a lot of ways and the same in many, too. Be forewarned, if you are a man, you may not care to read this since it is littered with pregnancy symptoms. In fact, if you have more than one child, you may not care to read this since it is probably old news to you.

  • Same nausea and vomiting as with Olivia, but it happened later. I am hoping that it is ending sooner. I have a prescription for Zofran, which helps. I have only been taking it occasionally (since I only need it occasionally now) since it was prescribed last Tuesday. I recall being nauseous with Olivia past sixteen weeks.
  • Fatigue. I was so tired when I was pregnant with Olivia that at seven weeks, we hired someone to clean our house once. This time, at seven weeks, I found someone to come twice a month. I feel guilty about it now that I am less tired, but I am not getting rid of her!
  • Again, it seems that the biggest thing that I am nervous about this time around is work. That seems weird given how little I work, but I am just not sure how or if I am going to be able to manage working and two little ones.

  • Less back pain early in pregnancy.
  • With Olivia, I had a positive pregnancy test on day 23 of my cycle. With Baby, it was around day 31. I took one five days earlier, and it was negative. Everything (except showing) is happening a little later this time around, which seems counter intuitive to me.
  • All the breast changes associated with pregnancy were one of my first symptoms with Olivia, but they didn't start occurring this time until about 11 weeks. I read that this is normal for second and later pregnancies because the tissue formation that was occurring early in pregnancy in the first pregnancy has already occurred, so things happen later.
  • Unfortunately or fortunately, I am less focused on this pregnancy, meaning that I am not thinking of Baby and life after Baby most of the day as I did with Olivia. This also means that I feel less pregnant. As of this last trip, though, I am starting to "feel" pregnant since I can feel my belly protruding now. I am ready for Baby to start kicking to make his/her presence known!
  • Last time I craved Coke Zero, and allowed myself one or two 12-ounce servings per week. This time, I don't want it at all. But, a couple of ounces of real Coke sound good every now and then--maybe every couple of weeks. But not more than a couple of ounces or I feel sick.
  • I am less nervous about what to expect, but I am more nervous (perhaps) about those first six weeks since I had such a rough experience breastfeeding Olivia. I am hoping to be successful with Baby #2, but I figure I have more on my plate already having Olivia. My goal is six months with Baby #2, but I am going to be more relaxed about the "all or nothing" approach. If I don't produce enough milk again, my goal is to try to breastfeed a couple of times a day for as long as is feasible.
  • Last time, I was sure that I wanted to have a no-med labor. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I was sure I wanted it. This time, I am sure I can do it, but I am not sure I want it!

    And this is my pledge to do better eating and doing yoga for Baby. I ate really well with Olivia after I was able to eat more normally around 14 weeks. I am going to try to do as well this time. And I did yoga several times a week--once at the studio and the others at home or at my office at lunch. The studio has been bought out and prenatal yoga is not being offered. So, my goal is to do it at least twice a week (and hopefully three times) in the evenings.

    People had mixed feelings about all my belly pictures from last time around. I can guarantee there will be fewer, but I am going to at least take the standard black pants, no face pictures at the same intervals as before so I can compare. The "seven-week" photos look almost identical. I'll wait until fourteen weeks to post two at a time. I can tell the fourteen week photos will be different.
  • Up to Indiana and back

    Olivia and I made the trek up to Indiana last Thursday. It was the first time I made that trip driving with Olivia alone. It was rough. We made horrible time because Olivia fussed so much and I stopped so much to try to appease her--almost hourly when she wasn't sleeping, which was only for 1.5 hours in the morning.

    It was good to visit with my parents, my siblings, and their families. Friday we played with cousin Craig and Abby in the morning, Mom took Olivia to pet the horses, and then in the afternoon went with Craig, Abby, and Steph wading in the creek and using an old rope to swing into the deep part and jump in. (Olivia and I didn't do that since I am pregnant and she is too small.) Olivia loved the fish, the crawfish, the water rushing past her as she walked in the shallow areas, the bubble formed in the "rapids", and all the butterflies and flowers. We had a great time. I didn't think to bring the camera.

    Friday night, Heidi and Alex made it in and we got to visit. Saturday, after playing at Steph's with the kids in the morning, we put up peaches at Mom's in the afternoon. Again, no pictures. I have a short video that doesn't do anyone justice, so I haven't posted it. Here is Craig, Abby, and Olivia sharing a snack while the rest of us were pealing and slicing peaches. Craig and Abby did great with Olivia even though there is quite a gap in ages between them. Craig, especially, wanted to play with Olivia. Abby, though, was really up Olivia's alley because they both constantly wanted to play outside--with the dogs, on the deck, on the playhouse "fort", on the slide, or in the flower bed even though it was extremely hot.

    Saturday night we had our family friends, the Walshes, and my brother and his family out for dinner at Steph's. It was wonderful to see my nephews Jackson, who is just five months younger than Olivia, and Wilson, who is already nine, and my neice, Madeline, who is so pretty and looking so grown up at sixteen. It was wonderful to see my friend Erin and her family, as well. It would be so nice to be able to pop up there and then pop back. Too bad it isn't that easy.

    Olivia loved the cows. Dad went with Olivia and me out to Steph and Brandon's pasture, took off his belt, and put it around Abby's show cow "Brownie." Olivia pet the cow and I think Dad got a picture. She kept saying, "Moo, mooo!"

    Sunday, we made it over to Jane's house for a visit, and Olivia loved exploring her place and playing with whatever she could find--picture frames, bubbles, books, exercise balls, etc. Uncle Charlie, Aunt Judy, and Grandma Haaga came to visit, too. Olivia continued to want to go outside to play. I really should have taken pictures, but I was pretty tired most of the trip.

    Monday, we visited with Grandpa Bill on our way out of town. Olivia danced to some music and was enthralled with the bird sculpture in the back yard.

    We left Louisville at 1:30 central time. We didn't get home until 11:00. It should have taken about seven hours, it took almost ten. It was a long, long trip. We got stuck in standstill traffic for almost two hours. I was VERY thankful that Steph suggested I borrow Mom's small DVD player and that I had enough gas to run the air conditioning. I don't know that I will be making the trip by myself again. I'll fly with Olivia or drive with Nicholas from now on.