Friday, February 25, 2011


Olivia loves lemons! Her favorite fruit is strawberries, but lemons are pretty good, too!

Olivia loves hanging out in the backyard now that the weather is nice. We love it, too! She is getting to be quite the little adventurer and such a good crawler!

Olivia loves to run, too!

Olivia is really cruising now! This video isn't the best example, but I haven't got a better one yet.

Olivia loves bubble!

Olivia on the playground telling me she wants to play Tetherball. Daddy is WAY better at it than I am. The ball smacked me in the face yesterday!

Miss Olivia Ann

We did some retail therapy. Jane drove us because I am occasionally taking pain pills. Olivia had such a wonderful time! We bought jeans for Daddy (who is down to one pair) and outfits for Olivia's one-year pictures in May.

Along with a dress that Grandma brought and some accessories from Etsy, I think we'll be set!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recovering, with help

I know it's been a long time since I posted. My tonsillectomy on Friday went well. I've been sleeping a lot since then. Mom came down on Thursday and took care of Olivia until Monday night. Nicholas's mom, Jane, has been here to help since then. Olivia is adapting well. She is cruising on furniture very well, loves to give things to people and have them say "Thank you", and is altogether just cute. More pictures and video later. Here is Mom and Olivia watching Glenn Beck:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter, spring, summer? Who knows.

Last week the university closed at 5 PM on Wednesday because of impending snow...and we got two inches. Today, we had a high of about 70 degrees. Gorgeous. I'm glad to be able to get out some of Olivia's summery dresses in 12-month size, since Abby had a ton of cute summer clothes in size 12-month.

My photography is crap, but I love that navy dress of Abby's on Olivia!

Olivia has taken to "walking" Puck for me:

Nicholas was around one morning as we headed out for our walk. It was still cold enough Monday to warrant the bear outfit.

Things I want to get on video: Olivia kissing herself in the mirror and Olivia turning the pages of the board books as we read.

Olivia doesn't kiss herself in this one, but she is happy!

This is just a random video of Olivia tormenting Puck. Note to self: buy a tripod.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Olivia at nine months

We have had two gorgeous days in a row here. Lots of walking, playing at the playground, sitting on a blanket in the backyard playing with the dogs, walking to the neighbors houses to visit, and just generally enjoying ourselves. Jeanna, our budding photographer neighbor came over to play. She brought her camera, which I wasn't prepared for...Olivia wasn't in a "cute" outfit and she had Vaseline on her cheeks since she is in the midst of an eczema outbreak. She's still cute, though! Here are some pictures.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kindermusik pics, and my little bear

Because it has been a colder-than-normal winter, because we walk outside a lot, and because Olivia out-grew the other coveralls we had for her, we sprung for the L.L.Bean bear suit. It is so big, I think it will fit her at least through the end of this year.

I didn't take pictures at Kindermusik, but on Wednesday my friend from work who missed her daughter's Kindermusik class earlier in the week came to our's to make it up. Her husband took pictures. There are fewer people there than normal because there was some confusion about whether the class would run since the university closed at 5 o'clock due to impending snow.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow day! and 9-month stats

We had two inches of snow last night. I should have taken pictures out the front door...the dogs had run all over the snow in the back. This is Olivia and me at about 6 o'clock this morning. She has been getting up at about 5:30 these days...ouch!

Steph told me to take Olivia outside and get her picture next to a snowman. I'm sure that she meant a snowman I built, but who has time for that. I didn't want to take Olivia out this morning because the wind was blowing and it was really cold. So, this afternoon, after almost all of the snow had melted, we ventured for a walk and happened upon this snowman:

We had Olivia's 9-month appointment yesterday. Everything looks good. Olivia weighed 20 lbs 4 ounces (75%) and was 29.25 inches long (95%). Dr. Roberts didn't hear a heart murmur, which is great. Olivia has the all clear to eat dairy--not milk, but cheese and yogurt. In fact, Dr. Roberts says that by the time babies are one, they usually are eating what "mom" eats. Hmmm.... I better start eating better! I had popcorn for dinner! (Nicholas had two teeth pulled on Tuesday in preparation for his ortho-thorastic surgery, so he is not in the mood to eat much. Thus, I didn't cook dinner. I made him some frozen ravioli that he can put on the back of his tongue and just swallow, as he has hardly eaten a thing since Monday. He hadn't been in much/any pain until today. I hope that isn't a bad sign.)

Olivia is hitting all her milestones pretty normally, it seems. The one thing they asked about that she is not doing is clapping, but I'm not worried. It will come, or not. Who cares about clapping, anyway? We are supposed to work on clapping, bye-bye, saying da-da, and drinking from a cup. Dr. Roberts doesn't like the valves in the sippy cups since they force babies to suck, not drink. So, we are taking the valves out. We actually had been doing that, but we cheated and used different sippies that have a tip that you bite, which Olivia really likes. Back to the drawing board, I guess. I still don't see how Olivia will be able to give up the bottle by 15 months, which is the longest Dr. Roberts says they should have it. We'll see how it goes. Practice, practice, practice!

Again, no pictures from Kindermusik. It is always super rushed to get there and back. And now, I hate traveling with Olivia in the car because she HATES her new car seat. I am going to really be a Stay-at-home mom for a while!

Other notes: It is a fight to change Olivia's diaper now. If I thought rolling over was bad, crawling and standing up is even worse. What is going to happen when she starts walking?!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random updates

We missed Olivia's nine-month appointment because my car wouldn't start. It wouldn't start because when I was installing Olivia's new car seat on Saturday, I left the light on. Whoops! AAA took over an hour to get here, so we rescheduled for tomorrow. So, that's the first update. Olivia is now in the convertible car seat (a Britax Marathon 70) because she is too big for the infant seat. That makes me (and her) a little sad. She doesn't like the new one yet. It is going to take some getting used to.

On Olivia's adventures, she has discovered toilet paper. She unrolled about half a roll before I stopped her. She continues to go after the dogs' water bowl, which I move up to the counter whenever I think of it so that she can't. She is just starting to roll balls back to us.

Olivia and I are both feeling a lot better tonight. I can finally breath through my nose, so I am back to work as soon as I finish posting this.

After the first ten days, or so, of Ferberization, Olivia didn't sleep through the night for about 12 days. I am almost positive it had to do with the cold she had. For two nights now, she has gone to bed at 6 PM, slept without aid from us until 3:30 AM, I fed her, and then she slept until about 6 AM. I think that is great! I am going to ask about the 3:30 AM feeding at her doctor's visit, but I feel like she might really need that since she has already gone 9 1/2 hours without eating by that point. We have not Ferberized her naps, and I am unsure if I should since two 30-45 minute naps in addition to 12 hours of sleep at night seems sufficient.

I have officially become "Mama" in my internal dialog, and Nicholas has become "Daddy." I find it amusing when I catch myself calling us that. It seems that the cycle starts again so soon. No sooner were we steady adults than we became parents. Amazing.... And so is our sweet girl... Doesn't she look like a toddler?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My adventurous Olivia

Olivia and I started using the backpack carrier that Heather gave us for walking since it doesn't put so much forward pressure on my shoulders. I am thinking about alternating between the bjorn and this so that they pull equally forward and back. The bjorn says you can use in until your little one is 26 lbs, but Olivia is feeling pretty heavy to me at about 21 lbs. (We'll see tomorrow at her 9-month appointment!)

Just in the past few day, Olivia has become my little adventurer in our great room. I'll put her on the floor to put away dishes, and she crawls from the kitchen through the dining room, over to the front door, into the living room carpet, and then back into the kitchen through the breakfast nook. She has lots of stops on the way to pull herself up, check out toys, and stop to sit if she needs a break. I keep my eye on her between dishes. Here she is crawling underneath the bar stools back into the kitchen. I'm so proud of her for doing this since it wasn't very long ago that she cried when I left the room.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Mama"....and other things

She's starting to say "mama"!!! Yay!

Love the hip sling that Heather gave us! I am using it for shopping, and loving it. In this picture, Olivia and I are both sick, so I am sweats. Classic, right?

Olivia loves to feed herself, so we are doing cut up peaches, grapes (peeled and cut), oranges, avacado, and sweet potato (cooked) so far. She also loves bread, so I baked some 100% wheat bread. So easy...see recipe below.

King Arthur's no-knead wheat bread

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Olivia, my sweet girl

This is for Bill since he wanted to see more crawling action:

This is for my dad since he gave Olivia that xylophone:

And this is for everyone to show how curly (very) and thick (not very) Olivia's hair is:

Olivia and the dogs

Very long, boring videos except for huge Olivia fans.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I keep forgetting...

I keep forgetting to take pictures at Kindermusik. Olivia is loving it, and today I brought the camera, but forgot to take it out. Olivia likes watching the other babies, and today she was very adventurous. She crawled after the boy who sits next to us, Henry, and tried to catch him by pulling on his pants. His dad thought this was funny. Olivia then evaluated the dad, and at the last minute decided not to try to take off his glasses (the way she does to Daddy). We are learning signs, singing a lot, and having a great time! Olivia hasn't signed anything yet, but the instructor said to be on the look out for signs that aren't quite the sign, but she is trying to use them. I am supposed to do "hand over hand" and make her use the signs before giving her something. Like making her use the sign for "more" or "eat" when she wants that.

Olivia is honing her "m" sounds. When she crawls over to me and wants me to pick her up, she is starting to say "meh." This is often in frustration, so I am not sure if it is really the start of "mama" or not. I am thrilled, though!!!

I have run out of space on my computer, so I can't post new videos until Nicholas moves some things off of it. Soon....I will post some crawling videos. She's really good at it now, although she seems to be moving onto wanting to pull up and climb things. She climbs over me in the rocking chair and gets on the side table and she climbs up me to get on the ottoman. She tries climbing things without me, too. I can see her bend her knee and try to figure out how to get it up on whatever she is hurdling. She is standing a lot, too. I think she will be an early walker, like her dad, even though I am not looking forward to all the inevitable tumbles that usually accompany early walkers.