Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A match made in heaven

So, Nicholas said to me tonight something along the lines of, "Our girl is so beautiful. It's because her face is perfectly proportional. I guess our faces are exactly disproportional in opposite directions, so her's is perfect. And notice that her ears don't stick out as far as your's. They aren't as in as far as mine, either. They are perfectly in between." Ah...we were made for each other!

Monday, October 25, 2010


In an effort to save money, I bought clippers, scissors, and brushes to clip Ringo and Puck at home--a savings of $90 every six weeks for a $50 investment. (No, Nicholas and I do not get professional haircuts, but our dogs did. That's over!) I look pretty rough (despite having gone into the office today...after Olivia had a blow out on me, I changed into these lovely clothes), but Olivia looks darling as usual. I am happy to report that Olivia can grab and pull both Ringo and Puck's hair, and they don't seem to care. Ringo is definitely the more interested in Olivia, and she seems to favor him, too.

I went into the office today because they were having a Halloween thing. I dressed Olivia in her puppy costume and she did great! No crying at all. Of course, I changed her out of it about halfway through because she was hot. Olivia is not sleeping in the crib, she closed her eyes because of the flash.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play date

I think I mentioned that two other women at my office were pregnant at the same time that I was, and had their babies within two weeks of Olivia's birthday. Today, Amanda and her daughter Anna hung out with Olivia and me on the quad. Anna is two weeks younger than Olivia and super sweet with skin like that of a porcelain doll. Olivia was upset by Anna's noises, which are just like Olivia's. I guess Olivia doesn't want anyone stealing her thunder. Perhaps she thought she was the only one who sounded like that! I am hoping we can all start getting together once a month!


Olivia is eating "solid" foods once or twice a day. She does not like her rice cereal. She does not like her oatmeal cereal. She likes water, though. And she does like prunes, sweet potatoes, avacadoes, and bananas. That is the extent of her diet thus far. She is a happy eater when she likes it.

Obsessively photographed

I really don't know what we are going to do when/if Nicholas and I have another baby. How are we going to keep up with all these pictures!! Well, our neighbor Jeana came over and took "five month+" pictures of Olivia today. Here are a few of my favorites:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas preview and a bath

I'm definitely not doing them justice since I just shoved Olivia in them, plopped her on the chair, and took pictures right before her nap, but I LOVE the Christmas outfits Bill and Tamara bought for Olivia in Chicago! Both are even cuter in person! I think I am going to snaz up the bow on the headband for the second dress and have her pictures taken in that one. The first will be for the family Christmas!

Now that Olivia is sitting up, she wants to do it everywhere: in bed, on your lap (when you are trying to read to her and get her to sleep), on the changing table (when you are trying to change her diaper or her clothes), and in the bathtub. But she is so cute, I can hardly mind!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Standing tall

Olivia just gets more fun every day! Today while we were practicing standing, Olivia reached out to Puck's crate and held herself up! I cannot believe how strong she is sometimes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home again

It's fun to go, but it's always good to be home! Olivia and I did the laundry today:

Played in the kitchen while I washed bottles:

And Nicholas and Olivia discovered the great outdoors while I made dinner:

For Heidi, a quick jambalaya recipe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Visiting Aunt Heidi! Little Rock Zoo! Day 4

On Sunday, Olivia visited her first zoo! With Alex, Heidi, and me at the Little Rock zoo.

Everything is an hour away from Heidi and Alex's house, so we timed the trip with Olivia's second nap. Olivia slept in the car on the way to the zoo. This is her just waking up:

Olivia and I next to the gorillas...

...the koi and water fowl...

...and at the children's farm.

Heidi and Alex at the small carnivores...

...and Olivia and I there, too!

After a HUGE blow out, a change of clothes for Olivia, no such luck for me until we reached the gift shop, Heidi carried Olivia in the Bjorn so as not to contaminate her newly clean clothes. Here they are in front of the bear exhibit.

And then in front of the elephants.

Then about two hours had passed and we left so that Olivia could take her third nap in the car...after I bought a hideous neon yellow shirt and put my soiled one in the trunk!

For dinner, we had meatball sandwiches, oven fries, and ice cream! Mmmmm!

Thanks Aunt Heidi and Uncle Alex for having us, for pampering us, for playing with us, and for feeding us! We're going to have to step it up when you come to visit!

Visiting Aunt Heidi! DeGray Lake! Day 3

Heidi and I walked each morning except Sunday. The first day at Feaster Trail, which was paved and scenic. The second morning at Henderson State University, where Heidi is an academic librarian. I didn't take my camera with me either morning. Doh!

In the afternoon on Saturday, we went to hike on DeGray Lake. But not before Alex held Olivia!

We first hiked Chickadee trail, which was cute, a little slippery from all the pine needles, and had pretty views of the lake.

Then we hiked the main trail, but Alex locked my camera in the car, and I didn't go back for it. So, we have no pictures of the drought-induced low lake. That's okay, Olivia was ready to go by the end and the picture taking may have pushed her over her limit!

Visiting Aunt Heidi! Hot Springs! Day 2

On the second day, Olivia, Heidi, and I went to Hot Springs! It was super cool to feel the 140 degree water directly from the ground. There are fountains of it all over town, and you can fill up water jugs with it, which we saw people doing.

We went into and toured one of the old bath houses.

This is a "steam cabinet" in the ladies "bath."

This is the kind of shower I want!

This is the grand men's bath. What? The women's bath was crap in comparison!

Although it has been dry in Arkansas, the leaves were turning and were beautiful!

We walked down the magnolia-lined streets:

At the end of the walk was a hot waterfall! The pool edge was really warm to the touch!

This was the hotel my Grandma Mae and Grandpa Bill stayed at when they went to Hot Springs. Grandma said it used to be "it."

And back at home, Heidi taught Olivia how to walk...well, not really, but I was surprised that Olivia liked walking on Heidi's feet. I didn't know my little baby was ready for that!

And Alex made us delicious and beautiful jambalaya for dinner! Mmmmmm!

Heidi was a hit with Olivia: