Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so we'll be three!

Today was our first ultrasound, and we could not have been more excited! (Of course, I was a little nervous and I cried, but that is what I do...even more now that I am pregnant.) Our little one had a heart rate of 169 beats per minute and looks as healthy as can be. Because my periods had been irregular, they are going with the ultrasound due date of May 7. That makes me 8 weeks and 5 days along today! Hip, hip, hooray!! I feel tired, nauseous most of the time, my back hurts, and I have some of the other early pregnancy symptoms, so we are all reassured. Plus all my labs look good--we repeated the HCG test forty-eight and seventy-two hours apart when I was four weeks along back at the end of August, and all the other levels are good, too, as of the blood work two weeks ago. My doctor, Dr. Chwe, said that my chances of miscarriage at this point are about 1%. That means 99% positive. I'm ecstatic! The ultrasound video is below. The tech let us look at the baby for a good while. When the image jumps when she first finds the heartbeat, that is me crying. I tried to be still so that we could get a better look at the heartbeat. Then she looks around to make sure we are just having one (we are) and that my ovaries look good (they do). So exciting! (No one at my work knows yet, so if we could keep this news off Facebook until I give the go ahead, that would be great. Otherwise, feel free to spread the news!)

Nicholas scanned in the ultrasound photos they gave us, too! Here they are in all their fuzzy glory!